Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rainy Thursday

I intended to write this post yesterday as a prelogue to WOW!
I setup my blog site a while ago but hadn't got around to writing anything. Esther's idea inspired me to get going.
I am privileged  to live in one of Sydney's historical homes perched on top of the cliff. My view to the East is over the Pacific Ocean to the horizon and up Sydney Harbour to the west. Normally I enjoy watching the sun come up over the sea but today I can't even see the water as it is covered in a fine mist. We experienced gale force winds yesterday, but today it's just wet and miserable, and cold. A great day for quilting in front of the fire except I have to go to work!
Yesterday I received a parcel of items I had ordered from Michelle of Raspberry Rabbits. It was beautifully wrapped and tied with a ribbon bow and contained little 'extras'. How thoughtful! I will certainly be going back.

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