Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

I am joining Melody's Tuesday Treasures with a couple of photos from a recent weekend in Melbourne with my youngest daughter. I love visiting Melbourne, it has a different vibe than Sydney. I always seem to spend too much money though.
The pictures I have are of the beautiful Victorian State Library. I had never been there before but my daughter had so she took me along.
The white interior gives it a lovely open feel. The Mitchell Gallery in Sydney is beautiful too but this one just seems so light and airy. I would love to have had time to explore further.

These old building are indeed our national treasures and Melbourne does it so well!


  1. Oh what a gorgeous building and full of lots of my favourite things - Books! I love Melbourne as well... Victoria in general. I love visiting Victoria. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Oh how wonderful , I could spend hours in there , thanks for sharing this treasure .

  3. Thanks for being part of Tuesday Treasures this week. I love this building too. I spent a lot of time there when I was a student.

  4. What a wonderful choice, I love this building too. It along with the Exhibition Buildings and the ANZ Building are definitely my Melbourne favourites.

  5. What a stunning building.
    I have never been to Melbourne but I hope to visit some day. We drove the Great Ocean Road last September and despite my wishes we did not drive into Melbourne. Hubby has been before and he didn't like it, also it was AFL grand final day the day we drove through so we stayed right away :-( Unfortunately.
    BUT, you have inspired me with these photos and I can't wait for the opportunity to visit now :-)