Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

My other life (full-time job) has taken over just recently and not allowed any 'me' time. But I was determined to take part in the Teddy Bears Picnic this week.
The sun is shining, even though it is VERY cold here in Sydney. The westerly winds (gales) have blown all the smog away and the harbour view was crystal clear when I was on my walk this morning.

My contribution this week is a teddy quilt that I made for a particular person but was not wanted. Very disappointing at the time but now I am glad I can share it with other teddy lovers and the teddies will have a nice rug to sit on.

I can't remember who designed the patten but I did buy it in Australia and it was originally shown in vintage colours. I made it in mauves and other lovely florals.


  1. The quilt is absolutely glorious, I cannot imagine it not being wanted, their loss. Cheers Kaylee

  2. Thanks for sharing the quilt - I'm sure some of the teddies will be trying to crawl under it to keep warm.
    Beautiful work - looks like a Libby Richardson design?

  3. oh it's so gorgeous! At least you got to keep and appreciate it and you got to share it with all of us 'bear lovers'.

  4. This is such a gorgeous quilt. Each of the appliques has lovely character. I am glad it stayed with you where it will be loved.

  5. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting that quilt, but if it was not going to be appreciated I'm glad it stayed with you. Cheers R

  6. I can't imagine anyone not wanting this gorgeous quilt either , wow , it is just too cute . I am sure the other bears will enjoy it on the picnic .